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10 years UAE Golden visa

Dubai Golden Visa is a group of registered professionals dedicated to bringing the ambitions of aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses to fulfillment. Similarly, we believe in not only supporting you with your company’s written works and paperwork, but also in providing you with the tools you need to build, promote, and extend your business.

In addition, we have extensive expertise assisting families and people with high net worth, as well as companies and startups, in establishing a solid presence in the UAE and abroad. As a result, efficiency, transparency, and discretion have been crucial qualities that we have nourished throughout the years. We’re delighted to have made life easier for hundreds of consumers by providing custom-made solutions in the quickest period feasible.

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Benefits Of Golden Visa

Long-Term Residency in the UAE (10 Years)

10 years renewable residence

No sponsor or employer required

No maximum number of support service laborers

Duration of stay outside the UAE does not nullify the Golden Residency

Valuable Investment and Ease of Travel

Medical and Emirated ID valid for 10 years

UAE Golden Visa holders can get a Dubai driving licence without classes

Entry Visa valid for 6 months with multiple entries to proceed with residence issuance

Can Sponsor your parents and dependents

In the event of the death of the original holder of the Golden Residence, family members can stay in the UAE till the end of their residence permit

Wife can sponsor to husband

Sponsor on Advisor & Director under your visa

Special discounts on loans, cars, and banking services.

100% Ownership of business in UAE's mainland

Live, Work and Study in the UAE

What is the UAE Golden Visa and who is eligible to apply?

The UAE introduced a new system for long-term residency visas in 2019. Foreigners can now live, work, and study in the UAE without the need for a national sponsor, and they can own 100% of their businesses on the UAE’s mainland. These visas will be issued for a period of 5 or 10 years and will be automatically renewed.

On the provision that each partner pays AED 10 million, the visa might be extended to include business partners. The spouse and children, as well as one executive director and one advisor, are eligible for the long-term visa.

Golden visas are granted in accordance with Cabinet Resolution No. 56 of 2018 on the Organization of Residence Permits for Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Professional Talent regulates granting golden visas to:

  • Investors

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Exceptional Talents

  • Outstanding Students & Graduates

  • Scientists & Professionals

  • Humanitarian Pioneers

  • Frontline Heroes

Golden Residence Beneficiaries

Investors & Frontline Heroes


Exceptional Talents

Scientists & Professionals

Outstanding Students & Graduates

Humanitarian Pioneers


This visa, also called the Dubai partner visa is designed for foreign people who desire to start or invest in a business in Dubai. They can also live, work, and sponsor family members in the UAE. The visa has a three-year validity period.

Do you want to apply for an investor visa in Dubai? Individuals who buy shares in an existing company worth a minimum of AED 72,000 or who form a firm with a capital investment worth the same amount are only eligible for this visa, according to Dubai investor visa guidelines.

Learn about the documentation requirements, application fees, and more for the 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year Dubai Investor Visas. Get in touch with us right away!

  • Investor In An Investment Fund

  • Real Estate Investor

  • Senior Investor Employees In Public Investments


Entrepreneur: A foreigner who owns a technical or future nature economic project based on risk and innovation.

Those who have an existing project with a minimum capital of AED 500,000 or who have received clearance from a recognized business incubator in the country fall into this group.

The entrepreneur is granted a six-month multi-entry visa that can be renewed for another six months. The spouse and children, a partner, and three executives are all included in the long-term visa.

  • Owner And Founder Of The Project

  • Executives At An Entrepreneurial Company


Specialists and researchers in the disciplines of science and knowledge, such as doctors, specialists, scientists, and inventors, as well as creative individuals in the fields of culture and art, are included. The spouse and children are also eligible for the visa benefit. A legitimate job contract in a specialized field of priority in the UAE is required for all categories.

There is some conditions for every category, to know more about conditions and details on specific categories Contact Us.

  • Doctors, Profesionals And PHD Degree Holders

  • Specialists In The Field Of Engineering And Science

  • Inventors, Scientists And CEOs

  • Specialists In Priority Scientific Fields


High School Student: Outstanding high school students with a minimum grade of 95 percent in public and private secondary schools are granted a residency permit for a term of five years without a guarantor.

If the outstanding student’s parents and his father’s dependent siblings are in the nation, they are granted a residence permit for the same period.

University Student: A university student with a distinction GPA of at least 3.75 upon graduation is permitted residence for a term of ten years without a guarantor, both within and outside the country.

If the university student’s parents and dependent siblings live in the country, they are awarded a residence permit for the same duration.

  • High School Students

  • University Students

  • Graduates of the best 100 universities worldwide


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