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Intellect Chartered Accountants under Management of Intellect Management Group which is a leading firm of Chartered Accountants & Auditors in UAE with 21+ years of management experience. We provide one platform for all kinds of financial needs for our clients and companies across the UAE and the Middle East.

We are registered auditors in Dubai Mainland, Dubai Chamber, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in most UAE free zones and Banks.

Intellect Chartered Accountants has focused on professional auditing by not compromising on quality and strongly relying on ethical practices towards clients and always keeping up-to-date financial information to comply with Current IFRS and ISA.

Since 2020, our new establishment under Intellect Chartered Accountants, the first-year global clientele has achieved over 1000 assignments, covering a wide and varied range of industries and sectors. Our focus is to let our clients grow and be the first choice for any kind of financial requirements.

Intellect Chartered Accountants has built a prestigious reputation providing professional services while following the best business ethics and maintaining high-quality business relationships. This has earned us loyalty and trust from our clients and made them value our commitment to serving them. Following our many years of learning and contributing to the field of Audit & Assurance, we have delivered talented team members and a wealth of new clients in the growing businesses environment.

Our core team at Intellect Chartered Accountants works with end to end financial needs of our clients. This is with a long-term vision of dedication and direction of our strong lead management bringing forth ethics, a diversified culture, shared skills, abilities, and challenges by combining up-to-date professional knowledge and following professionalism & corporate standards along with profitability, and enthusiasm throughout the firm and this reflects in our work and clients’ businesses as well.


Our vision is to shape the financial industry with the use of technology and innovation at the global level following the same professionalism across the globe.    


In the next 5 years, our mission is to be one of the top leading firms not just in the UAE but also across the Middle East by providing financial innovative solutions to our clients and being known as Intellect when it comes to integrity.


Our ambition is to show our clients the right direction along with huge potential in the UAE market and make loss-making businesses to be successful and competing internationally.

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