Financial Auditing Services UAE


External Audit

External audit is most commonly intended to result in a professional certification of the financial statements of an entity.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit is an independent process, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value to organization’s operations.

Investigating Audit

Investigative Audit also known as Forensic Audit is a dual disciplinary approach which includes extensive know-how in accountancy and investigation seeking fraudulent activities and finding missing money.

Business Plan & Feasibility Service

With our involvement, you get your requirements like Market Analysis, Demographic Study & Feasibility Report as per your obligation.

Business Valuation

Business Valuation is a complex task when it comes to ascertaining the value of a different entity for mergers & acquisitions and different business restructuring process.

Due Diligence

Considering the concept of Auditing, it stays in forefront of finance. Looking into the explanation of the actual meaning of auditing, it deals with the review or analysis, of a processor quality system, to ensure compliance with requirements.

Rely on our Financial Consultant Dubai and be sure we will cover your demands. Our commitment to excellence in financial statement auditing has placed our firm among the Best Audit Firms in Dubai.

During our audit, we deliver Financial Services UAE based on your business goals. If we find areas of your accounting practices that need improvement, we will discuss everything with you and offer the right recommendations for improvement. Our experts are experienced enough in this field and we want your financial statement audit to be a valuable tool you can use to manage your business properly.

Look no further than our Financial Audit Services in Dubai because Intellect Chartered Accountants ensures the accuracy of your company’s financial records. Always remember that you need a partner that you can trust. So that is why you should never hesitate to call our experts. We always help you successfully manage your business finances and ensure the integrity of your accounting records. Our Auditing Services in Dubai are proven to be effective and efficient enough. Our staff has audit experience in many industries including retailers, wholesalers, service industries, non-profit organizations and governmental entities. Therefore, you should never hesitate and contact us for getting personalized Financial Services UAE.

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