Top 7 Audit Firms In Dubai, UAE

The value of outsourcing Audit Firms in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

One of the most crucial elements of doing business globally is auditing. It reassures you that you are doing business with trustworthy organizations, which in turn convinces potential partners that you are a reliable partner.

The UAE is renowned for being a vibrant central business hub where people come together to exchange products and services. The UAE’s financial regulations are strictly regulated, leveling the playing field for all participants, and making it fair, comfortable, and successful as a business venue.

Businesses in the UAE are required by law to maintain strict financial controls and to have their financial records audited. There are numerous internationally recognized audit firms in Dubai to meet this need, and picking a partner based on “brand recognition” is a common tactic—and frequently the wrong one.

Top Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE

The process of analyzing business accounts and cross-referencing financial statement data with accompanying documentation is known as audit and assurance. The auditing process also highlights the risk associated with the company’s operations in relation to the market and industry. In order to improve the efficiency and standard of the auditing process for businesses in Dubai and the UAE, the auditors and audit firms in Dubai, UAE, review the financial process and strategy.

The top seven names for Auditing Firms in Dubai are as follows:

  • Deloitte – It is best suited for large, publicly-traded corporations due to its hefty audit charge and highly skilled audit staff.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) – It is best for large, publicly traded companies due to its high audit fee and highly skilled audit team.
  • KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler) – Large and publicly traded corporations should choose KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler), which has a high audit fee and a highly skilled audit staff.
  • EY (Ernst & Young) – Large and publicly traded corporations are best suited for EY (Ernst & Young), which also has a high audit charge and a highly skilled audit team.
  • Intellect Chartered Accountants – One of the top audit firms in Dubai, offers affordable audit fees, a highly skilled and experienced audit team, and is ideally suited for SMEs and large businesses.
  • BDO (Binder Dijker Otte) – It is best for large, publicly-traded corporations because of its hefty audit charge and highly skilled audit staff.
  • Grant Thornton – Most appropriate for SMEs and large businesses, Grant Thornton has a high audit fee and a highly skilled audit team.

Top of the list, helping all kinds of businesses grow and add value while operating in over 100 countries around the world. They offer top-notch assurance, tax, and consultancy services. Any partner interested in your services and goods will accept your accounts and audited financials because of their reputation, which customers trust in banking communities worldwide. They provide services to more than 100,000 privately held enterprises and 84 percent of the Fortune 500 organizations worldwide. The gross yearly revenue of PwC exceeds US$43 billion.


Similarly, Deloitte is a well-known auditing firm that offers dependable audit, tax, risk management, and financial advising services in Dubai and internationally. One of the “Big4” accounting companies, it also ranks among the top employers of financial specialists. They currently employ somewhere over 225,000 people. They have experience auditing huge firms’ accounting records on a global scale. They operate in about 100 countries, are dependable, and enjoy widespread respect. They bring in close to $50 billion in income annually.


Another trustworthy and reputable auditing firm with a strong brand reputation is KMPG. It offers top-notch services and oversees a variety of departments in 155 different countries, including auditing, local and international taxation, assurance, consultation, and advisory services. All the common services you require can be found under one roof, which can save time and money. They receive $30 billion in yearly client revenue.

Ernst & Young:

EY is another option with experience abroad. They offer transactional, tax, advising, and audit assurance services. EY values professionalism, work ethics, and respect for clients highly. Since they hire people who value honesty and hard work and come from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, they can be relied upon. Since they operate in so many nations, it is not surprising that EY’s annual revenue exceeds $35 billion.

Intellect Chartered Accountants (ICA):

One of the top audit firms in Dubai is Intellect Chartered Accountants (ICA). ICA is a fully integrated and independent audit company with expertise in audit, accounting, VAT, excise, and tax consultancy services. Our staff of expert auditors and accountants has extensive knowledge of the UAE business climate, and they are all committed to providing services of the highest quality.

Leading the way in innovation, Intellect Auditing is constantly working to raise the bar for its services. They are dedicated to supporting their clients in both easy and difficult times. Their highly qualified and skilled employees have the strategic insight, motivation, and dedication needed to produce results.


It generates over $10 billion in revenue annually from customer accounts while assisting clients with conducting global business. They want to give their clients a very adaptable and proactive strategy so they can go beyond any challenges they could encounter. BDO operates in 165 countries and has branches on every continent, enabling them to assist their clients in conducting international business. They guarantee their customers a satisfying professional experience.

Grant Thornton:

GT has a solid reputation among business clients for offering top-notch taxation, auditing, and professional accounting services. The company has expertise in working with clients from a variety of industries and offers specialized services that are tailored to the requirements of each client. Each year, they bring in $2.7 billion.

Best Audit Firms in UAE

Your job is to select the audit firms in Dubai that have a big impact on your company and certify for financial management because that decision might make or destroy your enterprise. One of the best things you can do to safeguard and promote your company is to hire a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and reputable auditing agency.

Making a thoughtful decision when choosing your auditing firm is crucial. You must choose an audit company that offers value to your enterprise by spotting fraud, personnel flaws, and internal control deficiencies. Most crucial, you require a firm that makes suggestions for how to handle the problems revealed by the audit.

In general, it appears that our extremely affordable firm, Intellect Audit, is the best option.

Why choose Intellect Chartered Accountants?

  • The best auditor’s on-deck

At Intellect Chartered Accountants, we’ve solely the highest skilled chartered accountants, chartered certified accountants, certified public accountants, and all professionals necessary for financial audits in Dubai work for Intellect Chartered Accountants providing their dedicated services to our clients.

  • Well-established business expertise

Finance may be a sector where expertise is crucial. With decades of expertise in accounting and auditing in Dubai, you can trust us with your venture fully.

  • Reasonable prices

We, at Intellect Chartered Accountants, make sure that our auditing services in Dubai don’t burn a hole in your pockets and are cheap to even small or little businesses.

Call us right away to speak with one of our audit experts! Hire a reputable audit firm with a high ranking to work for you right away. We’re well-known and our team of experts at Intellect Chartered Accountants will understand your need for Audit and provide you with custom-made solutions as per your business needs considering relevant laws & Resolutions in U.A.E. For further information connect with our expert.

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