VAT Registration Services in Dubai, UAE

VAT Registration Services

Intellect Chartered Accountants is giving VAT registration services in Dubai, UAE to urge the Tax license number (TRN) for your company in UAE. It’s required for all the businesses and people having a year-end profit of DH 375,000 or additional to register for VAT within the United Arab Emirates.

The UAE government-enforced VAT from December month 1, 2018. All people and firms meeting the top of mentioned threshold limit should register for VAT to continue conducting business activities in any emirate of the United Arab Emirates.

In UAE, the registration method for VAT is a web one and anyone that desires to register for VAT will visit the net portal of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and might begin the VAT registration method. There square measure variety of aspects that the person ought to take into account before continuing with the VAT registration method like whether or not to choose obligatory registration or the voluntary one, register as a standalone or a part of a Tax Group, etc.

Importance of VAT Registration in the Dubai, UAE

Most important reasons that outline why VAT registration is taken into account as a vital half are:

  • It boosts the business profile.
  • It averts monetary penalties.
  • One could claim VAT refunds.
  • It helps to grasp a mass market.

VAT Registration method in UAE

To initiate VAT registration in UAE, one should fill the VAT Registration type on-line and submit the essential documents needed besides the shape so as to achieve the VAT range. The complete registration method takes place on a web platform. Let’s have a glance at the documents.

Documents for VAT Registration in UAE

The documents needed for VAT Registration in UAE include:

  • Copy of trade license.
  • Passport copy of business owner and partners.
  • Copy of Emirates ID control by owner and partners.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) of the corporate.
  • Organization contact details.
  • Bank account details.
  • The statement for the last twelve months.
  • Nature of business and tasks to be performed. 

UAE VAT Registration on-line

The online registration for VAT in UAE is done through the VAT registration portal offered on the website of The steps to be thought-about whereas doing a web registration involves filing:

  • About the person.
  • Details of the person.
  • Contact Details.
  • Banking Details.
  • Business Relationship (optional).
  • About the VAT Registration.
  • Declaration.
  • Look Over and Submit.

Once the applying is submitted, the FTA can review the data and documents submitted, and if everything is found to be satisfactory, the applying is approved, and a Tax license number (TRN) is assigned.

What is a VAT Certificate?

A VAT Certificate could be a document that is an official confirmation that a business entity is registered below the VAT law for the aim of aggregation at each step of development. This certificate is that the final step once the VAT registration method, and is issued by the Ministry of Finance and possesses a singular range for various business entities registered.

VAT certificate UAE could be proof of business entities being registered below the UAE law and assures that the business entity is thought by the govt. of Emirates. Let’s have a glance at the contents of the VAT certificate.

Tables-Of-Contents of VAT Certificate

A VAT Certificate holds the subsequent essentials:

  • VAT license number.
  • The date on that the business entity became VAT registered.
  • Issue date.
  • Registered address.
  • First VAT come account.
  • VAT come the day of the month.
  • Start and finish dates of tax periods.

Penalty for Non-Registration below the VAT

Any company that misses the VAT license number cutoff date or fails to complete the VAT registration method below the point in time set by the Federal Tax Authority should bear a VAT fine of AED 20,000.

VAT Group Registration

VAT Group Registration could be a tax registration method wherever two or additional business parties club along to make a gaggle, with a motive of paying one tax. By registering below the Group VAT theme, the companies into account get one VAT range and might file one come.

A VAT Group permits individuals and entities that square measure closely connected financially, economically, and organizationally to work as one VAT person.

The following conditions have to be compelled to be consummated by the involved parties to make a VAT group:

  • Each party ought to have {a place | a square measure} institution of multinational of firm} or a set establishment within the UAE [‘place of multinational implies a location wherever a business is wrongfully established within the UAE or wherever important management selections square measure taken and central management functions are conducted; ‘fixed establishment’ implies a location wherever someone conducts one’s business often or for good, as well as branches]
  • The involved parties ought to be connected at the economic, monetary, or restrictive level.
  • One or additional persons conducting business within the VAT Group shall management the others.

Intellect Chartered Accountants– VAT Services

Intellect Chartered Accountants has been a distinguished player in managing the accounting and taxation services for business entities be it a startup or a longtime company. Understanding the importance and want for VAT Services for brand spanking new and existing business entities, we have a tendency to deliver a large vary of VAT services.

 A few of those are:

    • VAT registration and VAT Group registration.
    • VAT compliance and management.
    • VAT filing and payment.
    • Data record and management.
    • Accounting.

For more detail on VAT Registration, you can put your queries on our contact us page.






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