What Are the Benefits of an Esaad Card in Dubai and How Do I Get One?

The UAE government has occasionally announced a number of programs and regulations to help and support its inhabitants’ needs, making living in the Emirates easier. For more information on Esaad, the advantages of the program, and how to apply, please continue reading.

ESAAD was introduced in March 2017 as a special humanitarian community quality effort, delivering exclusive deals across all industries that cover the essential and desirable aspects of cardholders’ lives. The Dubai Police issues the ESAAD card, which grants its holders access to a variety of exclusive deals and discounts. Thus, the program helps to save money in a variety of areas, including housing, health, education, food catering, restaurants, theme parks, hotels, travel, tourism, shopping centers, and everything related to a family’s necessities.

Esaad Card Offers & Benefits

Numerous perks and discounts are offered by the Esaad card in a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, hospitality, entertainment, real estate, and restaurants, among others. Cardholders have access to special deals and discounts at 7,237 brands and establishments in the UAE and 92 other countries.

Esaad card holders can currently take advantage of promotions and discounts in:

  • Automobiles (153 deals)
  • Education (258 deals)
  • family support (280 deals)
  • services relating to health (573 deals)
  • Shops and shopping centers (392 deals)
  • Online purchasing (76 deals)
  • public assistance (127 deals)
  • Residential (193 deals)
  • entertainment and restaurants (452 deals)
  • Tourism and Travel (146 deals)

Esaad card login & registration

ESAAD members include senior citizens and disabled people living in the Emirate as well as qualified government workers, military and civilian retirees from public and private sector jobs, and qualifying government employees.

Individual people

Registering for an ESAAD card can be done by

  • visiting the Esaad website’s home page
  • Follow the registration link to proceed and register.
  • Enter your name and contact information, along with your Emirates ID.
  • Send your email address and phone number.
  • Type the captcha in and press “Submit”

However, if your business wants to offer membership to its staff, you must register via the form for businesses, which can be found at the top of the Esaad website.

For businesses

If your business wants to provide ESAAD membership to its staff members, you should continue with the registration procedure by clicking on the Company Registration link. To register on this site, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Legal license to engage in the profession.
  • No less than a year is the offer duration.
  • The discount percentage, which may alter depending on organizational activity, must be at least 30%.
  • Include the company logo, a thorough list of costs, both before and after discounts, as well as the owner’s passport and identification.
  • The offer is valid for all branches both inside and outside the nation.
  • An application in both Arabic and English must include complete contact information.
  • The organization’s logo and information are in Arabic and English.
  • The company promises to deliver data by the end of December on the number of beneficiaries who have Esaad cards and the overall monetary value of the discounts during the contracting period.

Golden Visa holders can use an Esaad card

The famous Esaad privilege card will be given to Golden Visa holders in Dubai, according to a statement from the Dubai Media Office. In Dubai, owners of 5-year and 10-year Golden Visas will receive the card at no cost.

The Esaad card will be given to a subset of Dubai’s Golden Visa cardholders. These groups consist of:

  • Public investment fund investors
  • Investors in real estate
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People with specialized skills and expert researchers, including scientists, doctors, specialists, and inventors
  • creatives in culture and the arts
  • Executive managers
  • specific academic fields
  • professional athletes
  • Ph.D. degrees with a focus in science or engineering, humanitarian aid employees
  • outstanding grads from college and high school

 Esaad Telephone Number

To submit any questions you may have about the Esaad card

  • Visit the Esaad website’s inquiries section.
  • Choose the type of query you want to conduct.
  • Include a subject and a brief statement of your complaint or question.
  • Please include your mobile number so they can contact you.

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