UAE Golden Visa holders will receive a special insurance package

Insurance packages are being introduced to reach high-net-worth individuals as the number of UAE residents with Golden Visas grows daily.

The National Health Insurance Company (Daman), a major health insurance provider in the UAE, states that the annual premium for holders of Golden Visas starts at just Dh2,393 and offers a coverage maximum of up to Dh300,000.

According to information on the company’s website, the Enhanced Gold plan starts at Dh4,985 and offers yearly coverage of Dh2.5 million, while the Premier package starts at Dh39,857 and offers coverage up to Dh20 million for UAE residents with Golden Visas.

The package also includes 180 days of coverage for vacations and business trips outside the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai, the Golden Visa has been granted to more than 65,000 businesses, professionals, students, and investors.


The Abu Dhabi Residents Office (Adro) and health insurance companies struck a contract in March 2022 to offer Golden Visa holders special privileges in the capital city of the UAE.

According to the deal, holders of Golden Visas will benefit from lower yearly health insurance costs for families and individuals, as well as a variety of network coverage options and a number of advantages both inside and outside the United Arab Emirates.

For the benefit of people applying from both inside and outside the nation, the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) amended the health insurance requirements for Golden Visa applicants in October.

Guidelines for health insurance and Golden Visa issuance were divided into two primary groups. The first category was set aside for workers in Abu Dhabi, whose employers are still responsible for paying for their health insurance. The second group of residents comprises those who are self-employed and who must apply for health insurance for both themselves and their families, as well as make sure that the insurance is valid for the entire time that they will be living in the UAE.

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