Fujairah Creative City Approved Auditors

Approved Auditors in Fujairah Creative City for your Company Audit and Related Business Solutions

Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ) stands among the most popular free zones within the Fujairah Emirate, positioned adjacent to the Fujairah port. Regulation of all businesses operating within the Fujairah Free Zone is under the Fujairah Free Zone Authority (FFZA) regulation, which is responsible for the establishment of every raw material employed in setting up and incorporating individual FFZ based businesses.

According to UAE regulations, the FFZ Authority is also tasked to administer all procedures pertaining to the business license processing together with renewing them. There is also the processing of all financials and operational activities and subsequent reporting.

There are some regulations set to govern companies that operate within the Fujairah Free Zone. Per these rules, the concerned companies are obligated to remain compliant as one of the conditions for operating within the FFZ Free Zone.

There are many perks to having a business situated within the FFZ, among them being that businesses in Fujairah-FFZ have full accessibility to valuable infrastructures such as the Red Sea, every Arabian Gulf port, Pakistan, India, and Iran by means of weekly feeder vessels. There is also the fact that the Fujairah Free Zone is proximal to the single International Airport within the Emirate of Fujairah.

According to the laws that regulate the UAE, every company located in the zone and is in business within the Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ) must conduct annual audits for purposes of ensuring compliance. Audit service in Fujairah-FFZ also helps in the provision of insight into the client company’s culture, policies, and procedures, while at the same time aiding the company’s management oversight. There are certain companies specializing in providing auditing services in Fujairah Creative City by verifying the client business’ internal controls like the operational effectiveness, risk mitigation controls, and compliance with any relevant laws or regulations.

Fujairah Creative City Approved Auditors

  • Intellect Chartered Accountants

Standing under the Intellect Management Cluster, Intellect Chartered Accountants is an amazing place to go for all auditing and accounting needs. The company has more than 2 decades worth of industry experience, knowledge, and service to its belt, which positions them to be the ideal solution for your entire business consultancy in the area of compliance.

At Intellect Chartered Accountants, the margin has been set on quality, making it their bare minimum and ultimate goal. Their services and staff alike are all geared towards excellence for their clients, making it easy to trust them and their transformative abilities when your business is concerned.

ICA offers Financial Advisory Services, Tax Consulting Services, Management Consulting Services, VAT Registration, VAT Deregistration, Internal/External Audit for Companies, Business Valuation Services, etc. in UAE.

Contact us to begin a conversation, and one of our specialists will provide you with a free one-hour consultation.



Regulators in the financial sector within the Fujairah Creative City expect that all businesses operating within the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone must be audited by a registered firm under the same zone.

Intellect Chattered Accountants is one of the Fujairah Creative City Approved Auditors in UAE. We provide industry-standard auditing services tailored to ensure the businesses of their clients perform well and operate within the confines of the law.

An outsourced auditor, otherwise termed the external auditor comes with an objective eye and will provide you with an accurate reflection of your business without any concern about how the findings make you feel. As for an internal auditor, there is always the probability that their findings are what the management wants to hear.

When an auditor discovers that the client business is engaging in illegal activity, she/he is expected to report it. The auditor will take the issue up first with the management of the business before taking any extreme steps. 

An audit report is governed by certain strict standards intended to sustain the integrity of the business while flushing out anything that is not progressive. To this end, it must be accurate, factual, and honest.

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